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About Les Remparts

Les Remparts is an imposing 13th-century fortified stone house built on the edge of a medieval hilltop village. It has been sensitively restored and luxuriously furnished by the owner, a British designer who has lived in the area for nine years. A great deal of thought has gone into making the house a perfect place to spend your holiday.

The stone walls are around 1 metre thick in places and some have been left unplastered to retain a feel of the medieval. One of the living rooms has original arrow slits overlooking what would have been the moat, now the main courtyard which contains the heated marble lined swimming pool. There are also areas where the medieval colombage (half timbered and stone) has been restored such as in the large entrance hall, bedrooms and stair walls. The floors are all sandstone and there is under-floor heating and excellent insulation thoughout the whole house.

The two kitchens are hand built in oak and provide plenty of cooking space and the eight bathrooms are all marble lined and individually designed. The beds are also handmade in oak and the rooms are all furnished with a mixture of French and English antiques to create an elegant and comfortable feel to the house.